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About us

Employee engagement is not a silver bullet, but it can have an amazing effect on your organisation. It can, in fact, create great organisations. To generate engagement, you need smart internal communication. And that’s where we come in: Orange Otters, the agency for internal communication, especially in times of change.

What we offer

  • Ways to improve internal communication
  • Communicating change
  • Effective use of communication technology

1. Ways to improve internal communication

We work together with you on enhancing your internal communication. It all starts with listening carefully: what does the organisation need? What kind of improvements would your employees like to see? Once we establish the requirements, we formulate a vision of the desired internal communication. We then translate this into the communication mix (all the tools you use to communicate with employees). We involve colleagues from a wide range of disciplines, because we believe good internal communication (IC) is the responsibility of everyone.

This is what we can do for you: research the current state of your internal communication, create a compelling communication mix, improve employee engagement, encourage diversity and inclusion, enhance leadership communication and coach IC consultants.

2. Change communication

Imagine you are in the middle of an organisational change, for example, improving digitisation, developing a new strategy, creating innovative potential or launching a major reorganisation. This kind of change requires smart communication. So, how can we help?

You work closely with our consultants on the desired change. From establishing a clear vision and strategy to guidance during implementation. We combine our knowledge of communication with insight into companies, group dynamics and leadership. This is what makes us experts in change communication.

3. Effective use of internal online media

Good internal communication is crucial for successfully introducing online communication tools. For example, if you want to get people to buy in to using your intranet, collaborate effectively with Microsoft 365, or if you are searching for the best way to keep communication vibrant under difficult conditions. 

At Orange Otters we help with research and project management, we develop the right adoption strategy, and we ensure its successful implementation. We understand online technology, and we put our knowledge of communication, data, and technology to good use. We focus on users. This is how we deliver excellent results.

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

Roosmarijn Busch

Directeur | Communicatieverbeteraar, specialist online communicatie

Based in the Netherlands

Orange Otters | Kaap Noord
Asterweg 19 – D12 unit 3
1031 HL  Amsterdam
+31 20 369 7290


We work for

What is distinctive about Orange Otters?

01Listening: it all starts with your questions and the way they are formulated

02Co-creation: we believe in dialogue and using the enthusiasm and determination of professionals in your organisation

03Thinking outside the box: we extend our scope beyond the communication department, also taking HR and ICT into account

04International: we regularly work for international clients

05Comprehensive: we translate organisational strategy into effective communication practices

06Character: we’re sharp when we need to be, but we’re also fun to work with (our projects are never boring).